Free crypto ratings for non-geeks

Free crypto ratings for non-geeks

Interested in cryptocurrency? We help you understand which might be best for you.

What we do

We are an independent group that has been monitoring and studying the world of cryptocurrencies for over 4 years. Today's cryptocurrency ecosystem is evolving very fast. It has huge opportunities, not only financial but also to change the way we all think about money. It also has dangers and risks. There are scams, scoundrels and villians out there, but there are also a great many people and projects championing the fight for privacy, transparency and fairness.

If you've been thinking about becoming involved in cryptocurrencies but have been put off by the risks, then you're in the right place. We'll help you understand your crypto options even if you don't speak geek.

What we don't do

In order to remain independent, we are not paid by any cryptos or exchanges, and our Cyrano Engine is powered by data pulled from the awesome and unbiased CoinGecko API.

How it works

We pull data from many different sources and maintain an ever changing overview of the cryptocurrency world. When you register for free on our platform we ask you a series of simple questions that allow us to figure out your awareness and level of understanding when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We then run our unique analytics engine (called the Cyrano Engine) against a pool of the top 100 cryptocurrencies to generate a ranking that shows which cryptocurrencies best match your circumstances.

Please be aware that the information we supply does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice, or any other advice. You should not make any financial decision based on the information presented without undertaking independent due diligence.


Crypto news feeds

Bitcoin bulls buy BTC’s $35K support retest as altcoins push higher

Bitcoin’s lower support retest was bought up by bulls, preparing BTC for another push to $40,000. .

3iQ’s Canadian Bitcoin Fund Hits C$1B in Market Cap

The digital asset manager passed a key milestone this week. .

K-Pop Sensation Mamamoo to Mint Digital Collectibles on Polkadot

The popular K-Pop girl band's parent company RBW will be selling its singers' digital products on the blockchain. .

Kraken to Halt XRP Trading for US Residents

Clients residing outside the U .... will be unaffected.

Optimism ‘Soft Launches’ Ethereum Throughput Solution With DeFi’s Synthetix

A potential fix for Ethereum's costly congestion problems. .

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Dips to $34.4K as Big-Name DeFi Tokens Trounce ETH

Bitcoin may be down now but there is still growing demand for crypto assets, one analyst said. .

Law Decoded: The guard changes, and with it, the tweets, Jan. 8–15

Accompanying the presidential transition are some major questions about the role of social media in society and politics. .

Goldman Sachs to Enter Crypto Market ‘Soon’ With Custody Play: Source

Goldman, JPMorgan and Citi are all said to be looking at crypto custody. .

Wireline Settles SAFT Suit With SEC; Peirce Partially Dissents

Wireline is now barred from distributing the tokens it promised investors in its 2018 SAFT sale. .

Billions of dollars in bitcoin becomes available to creditors of Mt.Gox bitcoin exchange

CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company founded in 2011, today announced a historic agreement with a Japanese court-appointed trustee to the Mt .... ” The agreed-upon path provides all creditors except CoinLab with an “early out” option in which: Small creditors (up to ¥200,000 JPY) will receive 100% of their claims; If any non-small creditor wants to receive early payment, they can take approximately 90% of the trustee’s estimated value of their claim and get paid out as quickly as the courts approve of the payment; Anyone who does not want to receive the proposed amount may stay in and wait until the litigation is over; In no event will these creditor decisions help CoinLab or directly pay CoinLab any more than will be owed based on a fair trial.

Price analysis 1/15: BTC, ETH, XRP, DOT, ADA, LTC, BCH, LINK, XLM, BNB

Altcoins have entered a slight correction after Bitcoin's relief rally lost steam and the price dropped below $35,000. .

Cryptohopper launches new feature to automatically test, rank, and deploy trading strategies

bot with strategies and it will happily do the rest!” To help the personalized feature do its work, comprehensive analysis strategies are available for download from the Cryptohopper marketplace or, users can build their own .... net » Cryptohopper launches new feature to automatically test, rank, and deploy trading strategies.

Binance adds Navcoin (NAV) to their locked staking program

With the addition of NAV; traders who keep their coins in the exchange will be able to earn passive income from their holdings and contribute to strengthening the security of the network, as their NAV will participate in the transaction validation process. NAV Network Navcoin’s network is secured by a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which means that anyone can use their NAV to help validate transaction blocks.

Loans now available on the Crypto.com Exchange

Minimum Borrowing Amount 100 USDC or 100 USDT Maximum Borrowing Amount (In total at a time) USD 500,000 equivalent for retail users USD 1,000,000 equivalent for institutional users Interest Rates Preferable loan interest rates with higher CRO Stake or lower LTV: Initial LTV CRO Stake < 100K CRO Stake ≥ 100K LTV = 25% 2 .... 00% APR Note: The above table shows simple interest rates, which means the interest charges only apply to the loan’s principal amount, and are not compounded on earlier interest charges.

Modulus CEO: Parler & Amazon Strife Highlight Danger for Digital Asset Exchanges

“While Parler has already transferred its domain registration to another registrar, it remains offline,” explained Richard Gardner, a financial exchange expert, and CEO of Modulus, a US-based developer of ultra-high-performance blockchain and surveillance technologies that power global equities, derivatives, and digital asset exchanges, offered a glance inside the technology behind the claims .... net » Modulus CEO: Parler & Amazon Strife Highlight Danger for Digital Asset Exchanges.

Galaxy Digital adds new business division for bitcoin mining

Galaxy Digital, a financial services and investment management company in the digital asset sector, has announced the launch of Galaxy Digital Mining, a new business unit committed to providing bitcoin miners with a comprehensive suite of financial services and products .... Going forward, we see major opportunities in mining project financing, equipment financing, digital asset-backed financing, as well as working capital optimization and hedging solutions for mine operators and investors utilizing Galaxy Digital Trading’s industry-leading capabilities,” added Galaxy’s Co-President, Chris Ferraro.

Hong Kong crypto exchange Coinsuper to launch its own blockchain

The high efficiency, stability, security, easy accessibility, and low operating rate of this public chain will provide a high degree of scalability for subsequent ecological development: The Coinsuper public chain adopts the DPOS consensus mechanism to reduce resource loss caused by POW .... Improved centralized exchange to offer more choices for users Further, Coinsuper will launch its new financial service section this year, combining the advantages of its existing US dollar channel and US dollar trading pairs, to provide a richer range of financial products and derivatives.

US Fed: CBDC a ‘very high priority’ to combat bad private sector money

The United States Federal Reserve needs its own digital currency to protect against a possible overnight proliferation of stablecoin technology, says Fed chairm. .

Liquidators seek expanded probe of alleged South African Bitcoin scheme

Liquidators of the embattled Mirror Trading International want a deeper probe of the alleged Bitcoin multi-level marketing scheme. .