Free crypto ratings for non-geeks

Free crypto ratings for non-geeks

Interested in cryptocurrency? We help you understand which might be best for you.

What we do

We are an independent group that has been monitoring and studying the world of cryptocurrencies for over 4 years. Today's cryptocurrency ecosystem is evolving very fast. It has huge opportunities, not only financial but also to change the way we all think about money. It also has dangers and risks. There are scams, scoundrels and villians out there, but there are also a great many people and projects championing the fight for privacy, transparency and fairness.

If you've been thinking about becoming involved in cryptocurrencies but have been put off by the risks, then you're in the right place. We'll help you understand your crypto options even if you don't speak geek.

What we don't do

In order to remain independent, we are not paid by any cryptos or exchanges, and our Cyrano Engine is powered by data pulled from the awesome and unbiased CoinGecko API.

How it works

We pull data from many different sources and maintain an ever changing overview of the cryptocurrency world. When you register for free on our platform we ask you a series of simple questions that allow us to figure out your awareness and level of understanding when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We then run our unique analytics engine (called the Cyrano Engine) against a pool of the top 100 cryptocurrencies to generate a ranking that shows which cryptocurrencies best match your circumstances.

Please be aware that the information we supply does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice, or any other advice. You should not make any financial decision based on the information presented without undertaking independent due diligence.


Crypto news feeds

BitMEX to Mandate ID Verification for All Traders as Maverick Exchange Ends Wild Ways

The change comes with a six-month “grace period” ending in February. .

BlackRock, Vanguard, Indirectly Hold Bitcoin Via MicroStrategy Investment

$89 billion dollar investment giant BlackRock now indirectly holds Bitcoin after MicroStrategy purchased 21,454 Bitcoin this week. .

‘Invest In Bitcoin’ Galaxy Digital Ad Tells Financial Times Readers

‘Now is the time to invest in Bitcoin,’ the full-page ad in UK-based international business newspaper Financial Times states. .

Boontech, Founder Pavithran Settle SEC Charges Over Fraudulent ICO and Registration Violations

Marketed as a “decentralised job marketplace,” Boontech and its founder Rajesh Pavithran have settled charges of fraud and registration violation brought by the SEC. .

Congressman Tom Emmer to Lead First-Ever Crypto Town Hall

Minnesota congressman Tom Emmer will lead the first-ever cryptocurrency town hall celebrating digital asset innovators to be held virtually on Aug. 20.

Doctor Who to Enter the Cryptoverse as BBC Plans Trading Card Game on Ethereum Blockchain

BBC Studios has licenced its iconic show Dr .... -based Reality Gaming Group to build a digital trading card game on the ethereum blockchain.

Epic Games Blasts Apple’s ‘Anti-Competitive’ Payments Practices in Lawsuit

The Fortnite developer says in-app bitcoin and crypto payments could flourish if not for Apple's payments monopoly. .

Market Wrap: Stuck at $11.5K, Bitcoin Surpasses 25K Locked in DeFi

A dull bitcoin market contrasts with increasing use of the cryptocurrency in DeFi applications. .

cLabs Acquires Summa to Boost Crypto Interoperability on Celo

Token startup cLabs just acquired decentralized finance (DeFi) startup Summa, best known for its interoperability work with Bitcoin and Ethereum. .

Aspire Technology launches new public blockchain for creation of digital assets

Aspire Technology, developer of digital asset creation technologies, today announced it has launched the mainnet of its digital asset creation technology, Aspire .... Simply put, the Aspire platform consists of Aspire (ASP), which is currently only available through its airdrop campaign, with the first 10,000 users receiving sufficient Aspire and Aspire Gas (GASP) to create one full-fledged digital asset, each of which can comprise up to 92 billion tokens.

US DoJ Seizes Millions in Crypto Funds From Al-Qaeda and ISIS Networks

Justice Department announces the largest ever seizure of terrorist-bound crypto assets today in Washington, DC. .

Interest in Grayscale Crypto Products Not Easing Up, Not Just BTC Now

Grayscale’s exponential growth demonstrates institutional demand for Bitcoin and other digital assets. .

Ripple Aims to Become the Amazon of the Cryptocurrency World

Ripple is working to explore new use cases for its blockchain network. .

Ontology releases new decentralized ID solution for DeFi

Ontology, the high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data, has announced the release of a new decentralized identity solution, which will make it easier and more secure than ever for crypto holders and traders to manage and exchange digital assets .... In what will have major benefits for users’ experience, through Ontology’s decentralized identity solution, digital asset holders can now access a 360° view of all of their holdings on one dashboard through the Ontology website or Ontology’s ONTO application.

DEX aggregator 1inch secures $2.8M funding round led by Binance Labs

Moreover, 1inch soon plans to release its own token, introduce liquidity mining (farming) on specific Mooniswap pools and perform an initial AirDrop based on provided liquidity starting from the Mooniswap’s release date .... 1inch has become the de facto interface for trade execution in DeFi, with aggregate volumes surpassing $1 billion,” said Binance Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, “It is of great pleasure to support the 1inch team in their relentless quest to drive user adoption in DeFi.

SIMBA Chain launches payment app for use on Stellar

SIMBA Chain enables seamless utilization and integration of blockchain technology to bolster trust, security, and risk mitigation for enterprise and government — and now these core features are available to developers looking to make a payment system that incorporates low fees, cross-border functionality, and industry-leading security .... ” “We are excited to see SIMBA Chain, a Stellar Service Provider, launch their open source payment application to foster greater adoption of Stellar and end-user accessibility through lower fees as compared with traditional payment solutions,” said Boris Reznikov, Director of Business Development at the Stellar Development Foundation.

IOTA set to release first phase of “Chrysalis” 1.5 upgrade

IOTA Foundation, a non-profit focused on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and open-source development, announced today the first phase of its IOTA 1 .... ” – Jakub Cech, Director of Engineering, IOTA Foundation CryptoNinjas » IOTA set to release first phase of “Chrysalis” 1.

Clear completes PoC for blockchain interoperability network with Hyperledger Fabric

Clear, the developer of blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks, announced today it has completed a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) trial with Hyperledger Fabric, an enterprise distributed ledger framework hosted by the Linux Foundation for developing solutions with a modular architecture. The deployment demonstrates how Clear’s software can connect users to any network, including Hyperledger Fabric networks, meaning enterprises are no longer forced to choose or switch DLT platforms in order to interact with other parties.

Iden3 unveils Hermez, a ZK rollup to support Ethereum-based community projects

Hermez will focus on transactions that will bring ease to scaling payments and token transfers on the Ethereum network, and also give back to the community with its unique Proof of Donation feature,” said Jordi Baylina, Co-Founder of Iden3. Hermez will be able to execute up to 2,000 transactions per second — a sizable increase from the 15 transactions per second currently possible using the Ethereum network alone.